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  • NQR(Bus) 8.5t Appearance
  • LT Bus 14.5ton Appearance
  • NQR(Bus) 8.5t
  • LT Bus 14.5ton
  • Bus Series  Interior
  • Bus Series  Interior
  • Bus Series  Interior
  • Bus Series  Interior

Bus Series Performance

4HK1 Engine

Electronically controlled Common Rail fuel has 190PS horsepower to be injected with more accurate timing and enhances fuel-efficiency.

VGS Variable-geometry turbo system

Variable-geometry turbo system can accurately control the booster efficiency no matter in what engine speed.

Bus Series Safety

Full air brake (8.5 tons)

Full air braking in 8.5 ton mode has the same level of full air braking system as heavy-duty bus and engineered for low cost on maintenance.

Front and rear anti-roll bar

Anti-roll bars are both installed on the front and rear to assure the safety while drives on the mountain.

Bus Series Characteristic

DPD- Diesel Particulate Filter

Urea-free matches EURO5 environmental regulation. DPD reduce black smoke while improve fuel economy, reduce the pollution and improve the environmental efficiency.

Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR)

Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) mixes fresh air and exhaust gas into the cylinder.This lowers the maximum combustion temperature and reduces emission level.

Bus Series Downloads

NQR medium bus specifications
LT bus specifications