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  • NLR 5t Appearance
  • NMR 6.5t Appearance
  • NPR 7.5t Appearance
  • NQR 9.5t Appearance
  • NLR 5t
  • NMR 6.5t
  • NPR 7.5t
  • NQR 9.5t
  • N Series  Interior
  • N Series  Interior

N Series Performance

CRS Common-rail fuel injection system

Common-rail fuel injection system provides Stable high pressure fuel and attend simultaneously to high-performance & low fuel consumption.

VGS Variable-geometry turbo system

Variable-geometry turbo system can accurately control the booster efficiency whether in high or low engine speed.

24V 80 ampere Generator

The maximum electric power can reach 1920 W to maximize the performance in comparison of other equivalent grade cars.

DOHC - Dual overhead camshaft

DOHC can precisely control intake and exhaust valves even at high rpm, increasing air intake and discharge from cylinders, thereby optimizing the efficiency of combustion.

Diesel cooler

Diesel cooling system is more than a match for the high performance of engines and emission treatment systems.

Flat Torque output

Flat Torque output has powerful climbing ability (1,600rpm~2,800rpm) with low engine rpm and high horsepower.

4JJ1 engine :
Maximum horsepower : 150ps/2,500rpm
Maximum Torque : 38.3kg-m/1,600~2,800rpm
4HK1engine :
Maximum horsepower : 155ps/2,600rpm
Maximum Torque : 42.8kg-m/1,600~2,600rpm

N Series Safty

Wide field of vision: Drivers enjoy a clear view of the area surrounding the vehicle, making safety checks easy and reducing driving fatigue.

High-payload chassis: strengthen the thickness of frames to 8mm with great rigidity and load resistance.

Wide angle rear mirrors: Mirror surfaces feature a special curvature, reduce blind spot.

Full air brake (9.5 tons): Full air braking in 9.5 ton model is engineered for tough conditions and meets ECE regulations. A wheel park lever locks wheels in place.

New wide-angel side mirrors: provides a broad view on the right and left side for drivers to improve driving safety on the road.

High-rigidity design cabin: the whole cabin made by high-strength steel with tough and durable rustproof paint jobs.

Anti-lock braking system: When the emergency braking happens, ABS will automatically detect the braking condition by sensors to improve vehicle control and decreases stopping distances of braking to prevent the wheels from locking up and avoiding uncontrolled skidding.

ELR 3-point system seatbelts: Effectively restrain and protect driver and passengers during a collision.

N Series Characteristic

DPD- Diesel Particulate Filter: Urea-free matches EURO5 environmental regulation. DPD reduce black smoke while improve fuel economy, reduce the pollution and improve the environmental efficiency.

Optimization of aeromechanics: the accurate aerodynamic design reduce air resistance, contributing to better fuel economy.

EGR -exhaust gas recirculation: EGR -exhaust gas recirculation system: EGR works by recirculating a portion of an engine’s exhaust gas back to the engine cylinders in order to reduce Nox.

NEES -AMT Transmission: NEES precisely control computers on shifting gears to satisfy the convenience of automatics and the fuel economy of manuals simultaneously.

Spacious and comfortable space: The new global standard of expanded cabin space brings the unprecedented comfort and freedom.

Perfect peripheral equipment: Streamlined dashboard gives consideration to both exterior and practical needs. Brand new automatic sunroof and giant doorknobs are considering for drivers and passengers.

Ergonomic Seats: Seats have been redesigned to recline up to the perfect angle and the hip-point has been moved forward for a more natural driving position and improved visibility.

Convenient storage space: spacious spaces for storage including overhead glove box, cup holder, ashtray etc are completely satisfied any needs.

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